Sunday, March 28, 2010

Collage Reflection: Understanding Sudan

Think Creatively
My collage shows numerous aspects of creative thinking and uniqueness. Some of the creative ideas within my collage are the various different types of images displayed from: pictures of Sudan, Soldiers under Sudans conflict, the Dinka people in the middle of the civil war and images of Peter (showing the plight of the Lost Boys also when they went to America). I used news paper not only to fill up the background of my collage but also to show that this issue (the war in Sudan and the problems concerning the lost Boys) is very serious and worthy to be in the news paper.

Reason Critically
The images I chose very clearly show my understanding of the Lost Boys troubles and situation. Many of my images are infant Dinka people all of which do not look happy but scared, worried and starved. I also added a photo near the top left of Peter the Lost Boy in America demonstrating understanding of his desire to get a more further/complete education while also discovering a new country, race of people and cultural identity. While he is also trying to fit in he has to maintain enough money to rent a house, pay school fees, buy food and much more, with only a poor income job.

Communicate Effectively
My collage creates awareness for the lost boys plight by its startling images and short yet affective and powerful sentences. My short descriptions help the collages audience undertand more background information if they are new to the crisis in Sudan and Darfur, affecting the Dinka people. A more vague but more developed way to describe the Lost Boys harsh changes are my six word memoir.

Live Ethically
My collage might/could make its audience/readers evoke large amounts of empathy because of their dreadful situation which my collage expresses. My brief sentences on my collage inform my audience with what is happening in Sudan which would evoke sympathy and empathy towards the Dinka people for now being internally displaced people. My images support my text with visual enhancement of their troubles. My six word memoir would use its powerful descriptive words to put empathy into the collages readers to make them feel emotion towards Sudan.

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