Monday, April 12, 2010

Writing Reflection

Ideas And Content

With my writing I feel that in terms of applying my content and ideas into my work I am reasonable strong. Especially when it comes down to work that is based not only on the authors intentions of his/hers writing but of our different perception of the authors text. I have evidence of this in my Julius Caesar essay in which I always question Brutus’s reasons for why the end did or didn’t justify the means (Caesars Assassination). However my weakness in my content and ideas is that I occasionally become slightly too inventive or perhaps not realistic or believable, yet this can be countered with myself narrowing my work down so that I can attempt and try to get rid of any unreasonable sentences or ideas and content.


When I am doing and or finished a piece of writing I generally want to go over and review my work. This is so I feel more comfortable with what I have written and so I can improve or add/delete any work that isn’t necessary or good quality. This can also be seen in my Julius Caesar Essay with my correct grammar and spelling as well as unique literally techniques. I believe that I could improve my writings organization if I plan more ahead. In both my essays I think I could of done better if I had gathered more resources first then did the writing for the Essay.

Personal Growth

There were definitely differences between both my pieces of writing in my Alchemist I had more time to improve and change my piece of writing due to the time I had to do it. With the Julius Caesar we only had 45 minutes so I used a more vague but also quick approach to try to cover all my opinions, thoughts and ideas into the essay.

SLR Reflection

I think the SLR that best suits my writing is thinking creatively. This is because I usually/generally like to add a new or different unique way of looking at a perception. I use many different SLR’s in my writing its just that I feel this SLR establishes my ability to change perception.

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